Who are we ?


Filmmaking methods are constantly evolving and what worked for yesterday’s films does not necessarily work for tomorrow’s. Tools used to process images in laboratories are available in portable versions both on-set and near-set. It is therefore necessary to rethink the production chain in terms of image processing and to give artists an ever more efficient means of expression. The "Digital Imaging Technician" or in its contracted form DIT, promotes this artistic creation because it creates a space for communication between all technical stakeholders of a film and gives artists the time needed to carry out their ideas. The DIT also advises and develops strategies and workflows to give cinematographers more flexibility in work whilst simultaneously giving productions serenity by assuring dailies back-up and by collaborating with post-production houses for image processing.


Producing high quality images is not just a skill it is also an art and each art form needs its tool. Having worked in the field as DIT we felt that we wanted to configure our own DIT kits to optimize productivity and quality to allow space for greater artistic possibilities.  This is how Be4Post was born.


Be4Post is a rental facility offering on-set/near-set services and equipment. We provide high performance mobile stations designed for dailies prep, live colour grading, data management and/or DIT servicing. Our stations are configured to meet production needs and ensure a streamlined workflow. We are able to cater for single and multiple cameras, from low budget productions to high end blockbusters to photographic shoots and for all digital formats. 


Be4Post was founded by France’s top working DIT’s  Christophe Hustache Marmon, Matthieu Straub and Guillaume Poirson. Its creation was made possible by teaming with RVZ a rental facility with over 25 years of experience in camera, lighting and grip hire.  A leader in its domain, RVZ works principally with high production value commercials but also feature films, broadcast productions and photo shoots. The company’s reputation has been built on its qualitative services and equipment as well as France’s first rental facility to be RED certified.


Be4Post and RVZ are pioneers in bringing the newest technology to the forefront by beta testing the latest cameras and/or software. This close collaboration with the suppliers not only gives valuable feedback but also enables Be4Post and RVZ to offer their clients new services whilst ensuring uninterrupted productivity and maintaining quality.


We are not solely however a rental facility. We bring our knowledge and expertise to serve as a bridge between post and production.  Since it’s opening we have brought our valuable experience to top cinematographers such as Darius Kondhji ASC AFC, Benoît Delhomme AFC, Tetsuo Nagata AFC, Thierry Arbogast AFC, Eric Gaultier AFC, Patrick Duroux AFC, Alex Lamarque AFC, Michael McDonough ASC, amongst others.


Digital tools development for 3D visualization provides a new vision on cultural heritage and architecture. Be4Post’s expertise is illustrated through different projects including large surfaces, outstanding sites or massive structures.

Beyond technnical aspects, we adapt our tools to the custommers demands : 3D scans, orthographic visualization, point clouds, AR/VR...

This development gives us new perspectives to work on cultural heritage, architecture or museography projects.

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