Be4Post provides high performance mobile stations designed for dailies prep, live color grading, data management and/or DIT servicing. Our stations can be configurated to meet your workflow requirements for single or multiple cameras and all digital formats.  Our station comes with fully cablibrated monitors, technical support and engineering.  


Live color grade 


Designed to easily create and apply a look or color correction from a live camera feed. Allows Director and DP to visualise their creative vision onset and communicate this vision via a CDL and/or LUT for daily prep to the post production facility. Compatible with all Raw camera formats. Comes in a light version ideal for air transportation or can be integrated into a more complex DIT kit.


Two existing kit: C4-Wheel and C4-light

DIT Station

Designed for onset color grade from live camera feed, secure back up, transcode, Realtime RAW playback, Dailies prep, quality control and all other production requirement. Comes with new macPro 2014 and extension chassis, RED ROCKET X, 32 To RAID 5, color grade panel. 


Two existing kit: X4-Wheel and G4-Wheel

Data Manager Station


Designed for secure backup and  file verification.  A light version exist where mobility is required without any loss in performance or quality.  Works with 12V power supply and can come with an optional RAID5 Hard Drive.


Two existing kit: D4-Wheel and D4-light


Le Qtake est une machine dediée aux techniciens VFX, ainsi qu'aux assistants vidéos les plus exigeants. Il permet de faire toutes les manipulations d'images en live et en multicaméras (incrustations, flip, flop, recadrage, zoom....)



Be4Post provides a near-set lab in a customised DIT van with full post services, secure back up, Dailies prep, color grade, transcode, quality control, file verification, LTO archiving, editing, vfx previz and whatever your production needs.


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