Digital tools development for 3D visualization provides a new vision on cultural heritage and architecture. Be4Post’s expertise is illustrated through different projects including large surfaces, outstanding sites or massive structures.


Cultural heritage overview


910 m2

​- We scan structures under construction

to understand the different conception steps.

Massive structures

Profil pond.png
Planche Statue La France Renaissante2.pn

- Long range and millimeter accuracy thanks to (LIDAR) laser technology

- High definition sculptures, including environmental context

- Only LiDAR positions data from the ground used on this project to visualize the bridge

Projet Clemenceau.png

- A workplan was created upstream to be efficient during the scan process at the "Assemblée Nationale"

- LiDAR and Photogrammetry combined to create geometry and textures

- Visualization parameters gives a new look on the structure

Majestic interiors

High-rise structures

Place Saint-Croix

- Adapting the tools to the project

- Scanner and UAV combined to model and texture the highest parts

84 m


Technical details

Fond alpha.png

- UAV and DSLRs Cameras combined to reach the highest parts of the structure. Photogrammetry also permits HD textures.

- LiDAR scanner with a long range and a millimeter accuracy

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